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  • Night in the club, people having fun

VIP Experience

F6ix allows you to experience what you haven’t experienced until now. The VIP Service we offer is unmatched as we allow people, especially bachelors to turn their dreams into reality. We know what you are looking for as we are clubbers and experienced the best nightlife in San Diego.

At F6ix, we have the answers to all your questions like, Where to go when looking party club for a bachelor?, Whom to trust? Which is the best Nightclub for Bachelors? and others. So, you don’t have to worry about all this and we promise to deliver a memorable party for you and your friends. Under our Bottle Service, we reserve a table for you and provide you with everything with your choice of liquor.

Bottle service at F6ix provides the premier experience for our VIP clientele. All of our exclusive sections are strategically placed so that you can enjoy your section right in the middle of the hip hop atmosphere. Just adding the exclusive to continue the air of VIP experiences. Great bottle shows, even better customer service. For an elevated but intimate and amazing experience, F6ix bottle service will provide what you need